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Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS) Project is a small component of the larger “Integrating Biodiversity Concepts in the Tourism Sector” Project (BITS)

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Biodiversity Information Management System
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Butterfly Survey 2009

Carnivores Monitoring Program Of Ajloun Forest Reserve 2012

دراسة تقييم سريعة للايل الاسمر في محمية غابات عجلون 2006

Rapid Assessment on the Released Roe Deer; Capreleous Capreleous Population at Ajlun Forest Reserve 2007

Reptiles Baseline Survey in Ajloun Forest Reserve 2011

Monitoring of Threatened Plant Species Of Ajloun Forest Reserve 2010

Ecological Baseline Surveys Of Ajloun Forest Reserve 2001

The Effect of Macro-Habitat of Ajloun Forest Reserve on the Distribution of Stone Marten (Martes foina) 2015

Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Jordan Rift Valley Project (IEM- Jo) Ecological Rapid Assessment Surveys Yarmouk Protected Area 2009

Integrated Ecosystem Managment for the jordan Rift Valley project IEM-JO Rodents and Reptiles Assessment Survey Yarmouk 2009

Integrated Ecosystem Managment for the jordan Great Rift Valley project IEM-JO Breeding Birds Survey Yarmouk Reserve 2009

Integrated Ecosystem Managment for the jordan Great Rift Valley project IEM-JO Birds Baseline Survey Yarmouk Reserve 2010

الأنواع المؤشرة للطيور محمية اليرموك الطبيعية 2014

دراسة الدلق الصخري في محمية اليرموك الطبيعية 2014

Mammals and Reptiles of the Azraq Wetland Reserve 1997

Carnivores baseline survey Azraq wetland reserve 2014

Flora and Vegetation of Azraq Wetland Reserve, A Baseline Survey 2014

Monitoring of Breeding and Migrant Birds Azraq Wetland Reserve 2014

Vegetation Monitoring Programme Phase I Dibeen 2006

Ecological Baseline Surveys Order Carnivora(Canidae, Felidae, Mustelidae and Hyaenidae) 1995