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Biodiversity Information Management System (BIMS) Project is a small component of the larger “Integrating Biodiversity Concepts in the Tourism Sector” Project (BITS)

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Biodiversity Information Management System

National Conservation Monitoring Centre (NCMC)

About NCMC


In the past ten years, RSCN underwent a remarkable expansion in the number of protected areas RSCN is running, and the related functions and supporting tools.
This expansion did challenge the RSCN’s institutional capacity including its growth, financial sustainability, staff competences, and tension between business and conservation.
In light of these challenges RSCN called for a strategic plan to deal with to discuss the challenges impact and try to overcome these challenges without affecting its mandate in conservation.
The final output was a transformation strategy proposes a series of ideas and requisite actions that directly address these imperatives, in which developing of National Conservation Monitoring Centre was one of these big ideas. The following text is describing the proposed vision and mission of the centre, and the proposed approach of achieving these vision and mission.


Due to significant shortcomings in data collection, record keeping, and a lack of analytics and practical research focused on conservation excellence (as opposed to scientific research only) which will only become more challenging with the reserve network expansion, the RSCN needs a central unit that maintains a comprehensive conservation database of all reserves, oversees and manages an organization-wide Management Information System connected to all divisions, conducts analytics on data, publishes reports like the “State of Conservation in Jordan,” and maintains a public platform for data access.

Proposed vision

“All national biodiversity related data are counted, archived, and easily accessed”.

Proposed Mission

To collect and present biodiversity values and knowledge in an easily accessed and continuously updated format that is used to neutrally judge the biodiversity status in Jordan.

Scope of work

To achieve the given target of establishing the national conservation monitoring centre, the focal group had suggested the following approach:

1- The Proposed vision and mission agreed with all relevant transformation team and decision makers;
2- Develop and approve the objectives of the centre;
3- Updating the research and survey section in RSCN to be the proposed monitoring centre;
4- identify the type and source of the national available data, the data owners at both institutional and individuals level, and the applicable types of corporation within an institutional framework;
5- Identify the type of services the center is proposed to deliver, including the type of deliverables themselves like national reports on status of biodiversity, survey reports, EIA reports, etc. and ;
6- Work mechanisms, including the updating of data, the centre organizational structure, the typical needed competences including training programs of the related staff, and the proposed running budget.
7- Governance: the position of the centre should be clarified among the national organizations in the country, and its link to RSCN should also be proposed.
It should be notice here that working on this big idea will go parallel with the Information management system, since the monitoring centre will be strongly linked to this system.

NCMC Projects

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